Chemical process pumps, PP Pumps

PP Pumps Spares and Parts

Teflon Bello Seal - Mechanical seal Ceramic Stationary - Mechanical seal PP Impeller - Polypropylene Impeller PP Volute Casing - Polypropylene Volute casing

From last 8 years we are offering to Chemical Processing Industry with High quality and Durable polypropylene pumps (PP Pumps) and these pumps are available in various Models to meet the need of Chemical Industry.

Pump Design and Features

Our pumps is Designed to meet Industry need and demands that makes differance in our product, with keeping glance over all chemical processes we have developed Five main Models of PP Pumps (Polypropylene Pumps) which are well designed by Experts in Centrifugal pumps industry.
The Volute Casing, Impeller and Stuffing Box are made up of Vergine Polypropylene for resisting from acids, alkalies, and solvents. as well as whole pumps Body is Made up of Good Quality Cast Iron and Coated with Apoxy Paint to resist from corrosive Acids. The Volute casing has self adjustable flanges which adjusts pump in any direction as well as Impeller is Open designed and prefixed SS316 Insert for Proper mounting on shaft and Shaft is made up of EN8 material and at contact area this shaft is covered with Ceramic Sleeve


  • Dairy Industries
  • Dyes and Chemical Industries
  • Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Fertilizer Industries
  • Food Industries
  • Oil and Other Fuels
  • Paper And Pulp Industries, Dyestuffs
  • Petro Chemical Industries
  • Pharmaceuticals Industries
  • Pickling Plants, Caustic Soda Plants
  • Recirculation of Chemicals In Electroplating
  • Scrubbing Corrosive Gases like CI2, Br2, F2, So2, So3, Co2, NH3 etc... Batch Process
  • Thermal and Atomic Power Plants
  • Transferring of Concentrated HCL from Road Tankers